Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Zoo Melaka Trip

Tis is my last field trip with coursemate to Melaka zoo. Our purpose to go there is to c d animal behaviour during d day n nite. But tis wont hapen to me n my good coursemate lo. Our purpose there is to take pic, play,enjoy n eat.wakaka... Yim theng... u r not allow to feed it with ur mister potato chip le.

Its hair = broom (sau pa / penyapu)

Kee wei d photographer!!! Oi i not ready yet le...

Our 1st purpose - ride elephant

rm2 perperson

not nice to sit at all!!! buttock pain caus elephant bone.

suffer during d whole journey (1 little round)

2nd purpose - take pic

while waiting kee wei n mei ling ride elephant

3rd prupose - ride horse

nice pic. damn cool n handsome horse oo.
reli enjoy... rm3 perperson.

yim theng

kee wei wearing skirt in d hot weather
ss-ing in mini muzium me, sun sun n olivia dont bite me...help... muakz sharp sharp horn

yim theng singing 'Negaraku'
tall tall d giraffe

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