Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Last fieldtrip with coursemate

my last trip with coursemate to rubber estate at kepong. ned wake up early in d morning caus ned around 1 hour y reach there. luckily early in d morning got someone acc me eat bfast if not reli wil faint there.they din provide any bfast 4 us n ned stand under d sun to listen to wat they r first feel waste time to go to tis trip de but caus tis our last trip ma n no choice must go also la.hehe...ppl talk in front there i n coursemate ss(syok sendiri) behind. 1 of my coursemate yim theng bit tai siu jie caus ned me to take out d umbrella although a short distance.haha...d reason she gav me is later wil grow red bean on her face another coursemate kee wei pulak buz snap pic with butterfly.haiz...sure i wont waste my time la...i also very guai n buz take pic de although d background is rubber tree.haha...i wil very miss both of u best coursemate...
eat 2 icecream perday
heavy le
kee wei beh tahan me dy...actually he wan take d pic of d tree n not me but u know la wen there's camera sure got me ma...haha...pai se la my coursemate...

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