Friday, March 20, 2009

Is tis d attitute wen doing lab???

Our lab is about fighting fish and v ned to cut d shape of fish in different color paper n c d response of d fish. D red, black n blue fish (kee wei draw de but i cut 1). d red fish tail like crab nia.wakaka... D yellow n orange fish i draw de. yellow is a shark (got add bit sound effect den running d experiment) n orange de is wen i 5 years old draw d fish. I name it pasar fish.
Tis is my num 1 coursemate name yim theng...hardworking le...ppl buz do experiment but she buz study nihongo caus she cant finish study den later evening got japanese exam.

Tis is my num 2 coursemate name kee u thk tis d actual way doing tis experiment???Totally NOT!!! d correct way is put d color fish outside d bottle.but tis coursemate wanna run own experiment by putting d color paper into d bottle to test d fish.d result is d fish wil go bite d paper.huh...
Haha...tis me...buz wat le???recycle color paper.stil got extra color paper den i cut love shape n snap pic lo.arrange those love with d fish.i guai le...
Snap pic with fighting fish

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