Tuesday, April 14, 2009


a day tat i never wish to appear
but i can stop it oo
tis d day v ned to separate
d day tat i ned to live without u by my side
reli very miss u
dont wori me oo
i wil take care myself
guai guai de
u also oo

my 1st white gold bracelet

white gold bracelet from Lazo Diamond
a gift from my bb... 10x...

Lee hom concert 2/5 bukit jalil

7 pieces of rm138 lee hom concert ticket
hehe...lee hom i'm waiting 4 u...
last few years plan to go but caus my cousin den cant go dy!!! hng!!!
lee hom signature
u wanna buy???
v can have a deal oo...hehe...

couple magnet keychain

2 little piggy kissing.
magnet tat wil stick d little piggy together
also our love oo
although v r far apart now

my dinner

ba kut teh n vege (ejay cook it de oo. but vege i wash de)

Sakae sushi Pavilion

Order using computer. so nice to play. hehe. refill water using d black tap.

so many screen (touch screen le)

nice decoration

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

putrajaya hot air balloon

elephant shape
me n lai teng
me & ejay