Friday, November 14, 2008



For all UKM student...
There's a new hong kong restaurant at kajang near da zhong...
4 those who never been there b4 den u better THINK TWICE!!!

- Decoration

- Menu
(juz bind it n without restaurant logo at front page)
- Waiter n waitress
(slow n stupid - din give customer menu if din ask. 5 ppl go only get 1 menu ny)
- Order chit
(photostat de n some of de thg list disappear n previous customer tick b4)
- Food
(expensive than 'food n tea')
(d amount less, 4 pets eat n not human)
(not nice at all)
(nai cha = teh susu at mamak)
(fried rice = oil fried rice with super tiny prawn)
- Speed in service food = tortoise
(mayb tortoise will be faster)



Teo Chee Seong said...

wei! sai ng sai gam gong o?!
want critic also need limit de ma...
decoration bad la.... i dont think it is nice lo... (hahahahaha!!)
luckily i ate lok lok after that dinner, if not i was hungry at midnight lo.... so it was so lucky i ate it... and made me can tahan until 11am today.... wahahaha!!

KeanMing said...

you saved me from wasting my money there!
you saved me. but doesnt mean i will have to compensate a meal to treat you de okie clarify first!

shwu bing said...

tcs - u sam pat la...tat show tat de amount is 4 ben ben eat de.not 4 human eat de.i m too honest...i try to change it dy but very difficult.yesterday i reli very FIRE BOIL with tat meal.damn SHIT.i juz inform those ppl nia good i m....

shwu bing said...

kean ming - huh...i save u le...caus i know u like eat de.den u save de money sure to treat me eat de la...dont 4get owe me 1 meal oo...hehe...

KeanMing said...

i already clarified. wont owe u a meal de ler. =)